For those wishing to manage their warehouse in a different system, Sello offers connections to external warehouse management systems. Read more about them below.

23 Apr: Specter

Specter is a Swedish company founded in 2000, during 2004 they launched the first version of their web-based ERP -system and they have since then developed a large number of cloud-based services and now offers complete solution for e-tailers.

01 Jan: Amazon Fulfillment

Fulfillment by Amazon is a third-party logistics service for use on orders sold both on Amazon and on other third-party sales channels. With FBA, Amazon picks, packs and ships your orders from one of their many fulfillment centers around the globe.

01 Jun: Ongoing Warehouse

Ongoing Warehouse is a warehouse management system that can be used by both third-party logistics providers and by sellers taking care of inventory and orders themselves to improve and simplify order and inventory management.

01 Feb: Fortnox

Fortnox is a Swedish platform offering solutions to all things financial. They have countless smart tools and features to help with things such as accounting, invoicing, inventory, payroll and much more. All in one place, and entirely cloud-based.

01 May: Axla

Axla is a third-party logistics provider located on the Åland Islands outside of Finland. Axla offers a range of e-commerce oriented 3PL services and works closely with its distribution partners to ensure short lead-times and competitive prices.