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Sell at Tradera

“Selling at Tradera should be easy for everyone. Sello makes it easy for our merchants both large and small to manage ads and orders in big volume!”– Stefan Öberg, CEO Tradera Sweden AB.

Tradera is one of the largest marketplaces with over 2 million members (2015). At Tradera there are about 1 million items for sale and over 1 million unique visitors – every week. Read more

Sell at CDON Marketplace

“We have worked with Sello since the start of CDON Marketplace and are very satisfied with the co-operation. Sello makes it very easy for our common merchants to sell at marketplaces and increase their sales through this channel.”– Magnus Fredin, CEO

With CDON Marketplace you reach up to 2 million customers in the Nordic region. CDON is the most recognized e-commerce brand in Sweden with almost 250,000 likes on Facebook and about 85 million visitors / year. CDON is the place for you to sell in Sweden and in all Nordic countries. Read more

Sell at Fyndiq

“Sello was one of the first platforms to integrate to Fyndiq and it was through Sello we first noticed how important it is with seamless integrations to continuously manage large volumes of sales. It is easy to recommend Sello because we know that there is a genuine interest to offer a product where the user, just like on Fyndiq, stands in 100% focus.” – Dinesh Nayar, CEO Fyndiq

Fyndiq are the super bargain store online. Here you can find everything between heaven and earth at great prices. For merchants, it is a fantastic place to boost your sales. Read more

Sell at Amazon

Sello is fully integrated with Amazon. With only a few clicks you can publish your products at Amazon and make them available for the whole of Europe or the countries you just wish to sell in. Select the products you want to sell on Amazon and publish. With Sello and Amazon you will reach all of Europe since Sello publish your products to all of Amazon’s European sites – UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

With over 270 million active customers, there are always buyers for your products! Read more

Sell at vidaXL marketplace

With 10 years of experience in cross-country e-commerce, vidaXL Marketplace offers you the possibility to increase your sales in an easy and comfortable way.

Process your orders yourself or let us buy, store and ship your products, handle customers and returns for you. All while you grow your business! Through selling via vidaXL Marketplace you can reach over 1 billion customers in 27 European countries, Australia and United States.

Sell with PrestaShop

Do you have a PrestaShop today? Perfect! Import your products to Sello and sell them at the marketplace you want. Of course you will keep your sales in your PrestaShop. Sello keeps track of all your product data and update stock whenever you sell.

You dont have a PrestaShop today? Get started with your new webshop through PrestaShop. With Sello, you can have unlimited number of webshops, with no additional fixed costs.

Sell with WooCommerce

Do you have a WooCommerce shop today? Perfect! Import your products to Sello and sell them at the marketplaces you want. Of course you will keep the sales in your webshop. Sello keeps track of all your product data and update stock whenever you sell.

You don’t have a webshop today? Get started with your new webshop through wooCommerce/Wordpress. With Sello, you can have unlimited number of webshops, with no additional fixed costs.

Sell with SelloShop

You dont have a webshop today? Start one for free with SelloShop. It is the simplest way to start selling online. With just a few clicks, you can go ahead and sell your products to the world.

Choose from several responsive themes. Get paid with Klarna, Paypal and/or Payson. To get started, open a SelloShop free today! It´s totally free until your first order!

Unifaun Online integration (Unifaun Online)

Sello has created a “state of the art ‘integration with Unifaun Online where you send your orders directly to Unifaun Online and you can choose to create shipping with over 100 different transporters. Delivery note and parcel number is imported directly to the Sello and is added to your orders. Select 100 orders and submit everything to Unifaun Online, you will get a PDF back where we collect all your delivery notes, so you just can print them all at once.

Perfect for those who want to work with high efficiency and be able to handle orders with as minimal manual work as possible, it will help you save time and eliminate careless mistakes. Sello is Unifaun Retailer and we can easily order Unifaun Online and the Order Connection for you.

PostNord integration (Pacsoft Online)

Sello has since many years back had a Pacsoft Online integration to be able to book shipping on orders of PostNord. You mark your orders you want to book shipping for and then export a Pacsoft file that can import to Pacsoft Online.

On Pacsoft Online you finish up the booking of shipping for your orders through PostNord, you can there print Delivery notes and everything. You will find Pacsoft Online’s website here where you can sign up totally free. But you need the Order Connection (OnlineConnect) from Unifaun to connect Sello with Pacsoft Online, Sello is Unifaun Retailer and we can place a order for you on that Order Connection you need.

DHL Multishipping integration (Memnon apport)

Sello has for some years now been integrated to Memnon report (DHL) to send orders directly to DHL Multishipping system. You can book the shipping and print delivery notes directly on DHL Multishipping.

Get DHL Multishipping here. But you also have to have a Order connection from Unifaun to be able to send your orders from Sello to DHL Multishipping.

3PL integration to Posten Åland WMS

Sello has created a 3PL integration to Posten Åland WMS. Posten Åland can store your inventory, pack and ship your orders, Sello can automatically sync orders to Posten Åland’s WMS and Posten Åland will deliver your orders and notice Sello about it. Posten Åland handle returns and update the inventory stock back to Sello so it always is right.

On Posten Åland’s website you can read more.

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"We have chosen Sello as our partner because they are committed to Marketplaces. They also listen to our views, thoughts and ideas, and develop smart features and solutions that drives our business forward."

Emanuel & Andreas with crew

"There is only positive to say about Sello. Thanks to Sello I have time for other matters and to really work with what you're great at, to sell."

Jean Ibarra

"Have used Sello both private and later in my company for over 10 years and Sello has saved enormous amounts of time for me to get everything together in one place and to reach more customers through Marketplaces."


"We use Sello because it is the ultimate "weapon" in keeping track of our sales through all channels and keep track of inventory."

Paul, Jonny and Erik

"Customer service is really helpful and nice! They make things happen. They did even help me with a new webshop, which is also the best I've tested so far! If I recommend Sello? Yes, 100%!"


"I started using Sello Because I wanted a system which integrated with Tradera. Over time we've got Fyndiq, CDON, PrestaShop, Amazon, etc. I love Sello, mainly because their mind is set to the future."

Peter Harskamp

"Moving to the Sello has been the most efficient thing we have ever done. To manage all our markets in one place is now essential. Great and quick support is also a reason we have chosen Sello. "

Andreas Holgersson

"Sello is a fantastic tool where it is easy to work with advanced features. Fantastic with a tool for all of our sales channels. "

Peter Andersson

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