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Sello is a Swedish-made high-performance e-commerce management platform - We specialize in centralizing e-commerce and can help you connect to all your favorite e-commerce services - Take advantage our powerful inventory and order interfaces and unify your management - making multi-channel e-commerce a joy. The E-commerce Processor Platform

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We Are The E-Commerce Hub

Sello is a Swedish-made, high-performance e-commerce management platform specialized in marketplace sales – The Sello platform is built to make management and maintenance of any kind of e-commerce business easy – both large and small.

We like to refer Sello as an e-commerce content management system on steroids – It is run by a brilliant staff of developers and highly skilled customer support agents who are all specialized in e-commerce and it-solutions – Integrate your system directly with Sello or import your content and start managing your business using our user interface, giving you one of the most optimal workflows on the market.

Products sold so far in 2021:

We focus on bringing e-tailers technically advanced it-solutions designed to increase their productivity – Our system offers a high degree of modularity and can easily be adapted to any kind of e-commerce business and setup.

Our platform gives you all the tools you need to run a highly efficient e-commerce business and our expansive list of sales channel integrations can help you enhance your growth and increase your reach – Our powerful product management system lets you save time on tedious inventory work and our efficient order interface lets you fulfill more orders – in less time.

Sello is a great choice for sellers just starting out that are searching for a complete e-commerce solution – Launch your own multi-channel e-commerce business with Sello and let us help you get started with sales on webshop and marketplaces, all managed using our powerful platform – Get access to a plethora of sales channel integrations – All included in the Sello Premium package.

Sello is a great choice for already active marketplace sellers wanting more – Use our platform to expand your sales across several different marketplaces and tie everything together using our platform to streamline your workflow. We offer automated product import features for many of our connected sales channels and this allows you to get started publishing your products on new sales channels in no time. For solutions more on the technical side of things, our brilliant onboarding team is at your disposal free of charge.

Sello is a great choice for established webshop owners looking to expand but not wanting to leave the comfort of their own system – By installing one of our apps you can seamlessly integrate your webshop with Sello – This setup gives e-tailers access to all of our available sales channel integrations – All without having to leave the setup and workflow they are used to.

Sello is a great choice for already established e-tailers searching for a new e-commerce management platform with endless possibilities – We can help you transfer your e-commerce business to our platform – Our technical onboarding team has years of experience in migrating e-tailers and all their content between systems – We will devise a custom migration plan tailored to you and your specific needs and we then help you make the move to Sello without any dips in sales or business downtime – All free of charge.

Product Management

Our platform offers great features to help you streamline your daily e-commerce product management routines or going live on a new marketplace a breeze. Our inventory workspace is created for customization and marketplaces in mind to create an efficient workflow specially designed for marketplaces.
Product Overview

Be in charge of your product data with Sello’s top-notch inventory user-interface. You are able to fully customize your workspace and have a great product overview – This is key when managing your products. Analyze whether your product is for sale on a certain marketplace, what price it has or which category it is mapped to directly from your product overview – Read more here

Channel Pricing

Set your product pricing per channel level on your products – You are able to totally customize your prices differently per channel and product. You could also set one sale price per product in your chosen currency and Sello will convert the price to the different currencies for your sales channels – Read more here

Live products:

Products synced last 24H:

Channel Activation

Take control of your product activation with Sello and customize your listings for your marketplaces. You have full control over your product distribution for your sales channels on a product level – Choose which products should be for sale at one marketplace but not another – Take control of your listings – Read more here

Product Editing

Edit your products with ease in Sello’s powerful inventory user-interface – You have several options for editing products in the Sello workspace. Choose between editing products with the inventory user-interface or update products with any of the import methods we offer – Read more here

Order Management

Our platform is created to give you the most efficient order management workflow – Manage all your e-commerce orders in the same spot, no matter what sales channels you sell at. We have had marketplaces in mind when creating the order management user-interface in Sello.
Order Overview

Get true management efficiency when working with orders in our user-interface – Gather all orders from your sales channel in one place. We offer you the best possible order overview and workflow specially designed for marketplaces in mind. All orders are managed with the same functionalities to keep everything streamlined no matter where you order is coming from – Read more here

Bulk Efficiency

All order management in our platform could be done in bulk – This is key when striving to cut time on order management. Create shipping documents, marketplace delivery notes, packing lists, and other important order management basis – Read more here

Deliveries last 24H:

Sales past 24H:

Delivery Notes

Create all your delivery notes from our order management user-interface – Ship all your orders with the marketplace’s own predefined delivery notes. You are able to generate all delivery notes in bulk-mode directly from your workspace in Sello, take care of your order management for all your sales channels from one place – Read more here

Shipping Documents

To book shipping for your orders has never been easier than from the order management user-interface in Sello – Choose transporter and trigger a request for booking your shipping for multiple orders at the same time. You get all shipping labels and tracking numbers added to your orders within seconds, order fulfillment has never been easier – Read more here

Platform Highlights

Order icon
Our innovative order management interface was built with bulk-efficiency in mind – We believe that efficient workflow is the key to success. Print hundreds of delivery notes in one click. Book shipping for hundreds of orders with ease – Tracking numbers are automatically imported and sent to your customer.
Inventory icon
We offer a large number of powerful inventory management tools – We want to cater to the way each individual seller works. The Sello platform keeps the workflow user-friendly without taking any shortcuts in functionality. Our interface offers a highly-modular overview of your inventory, giving you full control over your products.
Tree icon
Our platform provides a level of user-friendliness and efficiency when it comes to managing sales channels. We strive to treat all channels the same in order to keep a level of unity in how you work with products and orders – Using the same workflow. You can connect an unlimited amount of channels to your Sello account.
Dice icon
Our business model is based upon the idea that if our customers succeed, we succeed. Therefore, if you don’t get any sales in any given month – That month will be entirely free. We want you to feel safe. We do not have any commitment time or hidden fees. All new accounts get a free trial period of 14 days, giving you access to all our features.
Stopwatch icon
We make sure to keep up with new technologies with the intent of giving you the best user experience possible. We take pride in our marketplace integrations – These are continuously being updated to add features and to optimize performance. Sales on your channels will be imported to Sello within a maximum of 10 minutes and changes to your products are synchronized within 5 minutes.
Scale icon
Sello is cloud-based and designed to adjust according to environment workload. This is a key factor in a sustainable system architecture, creating a stable and reliable platform to work with. During periods of heavy usage, such as Black Friday – All systems automatically scale up to around 30 times their normal operating rate – In other words, we did not spare any expenses when building Sello.
Mobile marketplace icon
We created Sello with marketplaces in mind. Since the significance of marketplaces in e-commerce has grown and show no signs of stopping we wanted to build a platform that specialized in managing marketplace sales – And Sello was the outcome. We want our users to be able to work just like they would on any of the marketplaces, directly in Sello – Our platform really delivers in that regard.
Unlimited icon
You can connect an unlimited amount of channels to Sello, this includes all types of channels, such as marketplaces, logistics or accounting. For example, if you have more than one Amazon account you can connect them all to one Sello account. You can also have multiple webshops connected to Sello, with the option of having them created and hosted by us, at no extra charge.

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Continuing with the Sello platform after the trial period is totally risk free due to our No-Sale-No-Cost business model.

E-commerce gains guaranteed!

Sello is free of charge if you do not see the gains.

our apps

Channel Connector

We offer free webshop extensions (apps) for several webshop platforms. We call this extension ChannelConnector – this extension is used for plugging your webshop directly to the Sello platform for the purpose of Connecting marketplace Channels to your e-commerce webshop. All supported sales channels in Sello will be at your webshop’s disposal.

With the ChannelConnector extension you can connect you inventory to many different marketplaces totally risk free. You do not need to change platforms and you do not need any additional application to manage your new sales channels. All inventory and order updates are made in your webshop and are automatically synchronized with your marketplaces via Sello – You do not need to move away from the safety of your webshop.

When the marketplace sells one of your products the ChannelConnector extension will create the order in your webshop, reduce the stock of your sold item and synchronize it with all your channels. The only thing you need to do is to take care of the order and ship it out to your new customer. After order fulfillment is done from the comfort of your webshop and with the tools you are used to, ChannelConnector will report the package tracking back to your new customer and marketplace.

Our Testimonials

Jens Johansson
BraBilligt Arboga AB

Sello is an indispensable tool that is constantly being improved to handle large amounts of articles on several marketplaces. This is undoubtedly the core of our business and the key to our success.

Stefan Öberg
Tradera Sweden AB

Selling at Tradera should be easy for everyone. Sello makes it easy for our merchants both large and small to manage ads and orders in big volume!

Dinesh Nayar
Fyndiq AB

Sello was one of the first platforms to integrate with Fyndiq and it was through Sello we first noticed how important it is with seamless integrations to continuously manage large volumes of sales. It is easy to recommend Sello because we know that there is a genuine interest to offer a product where the user is 100 percent in focus, just like on Fyndiq

Kristoffer Väliharju

We have worked with Sello since the start of CDON Marketplace and are very satisfied with the co-operation. Sello makes it very easy for our common merchants to sell at marketplaces and increase their sales through this channel.

Emanuel Degemark
D&A Group AB

We have chosen Sello as our partner because they are committed to Marketplaces. They also listen to our views, thoughts and ideas, and develop smart features and solutions that drives our business forward.

Jean Ibarra
The Craaft Legacy AB

There is only positive to say about Sello. Thanks to Sello I have time for other matters and to really work with what you’re great at, to sell.

Fredrik Norberg
Fyndiq AB

In the modern e-commerce industry, having marketplaces as sales channels has become more or less standard. To be able to manage this in an efficient way, you will need a platform meeting all requirements the marketplace expects you as a merchant to meet. At Fyndiq we can see that Sello has been a solid partner for a long time that always delivers on both ours and the merchant’s expectations.

Theodore Hettich
Fruugo Ltd

Our partnership with Sello has been an instant success from the moment the integration was completed. Not only are we seeing impressive GTV from Scandinavian sellers across the 32 countries, they easily get access to Fruugo’s currency and translation services—all on a no sale, no fee basis—but we have also seen all 3 Nordic countries respectively (SE, DK, NO) rocket into our top 10 countries available on Fruugo. There has never been a better time for Nordic sellers to “go global” utilizing this unique partnership between Fruugo & Sello.

Malene Friis Lind
Sales Supporter

We have a close collaboration with Sello. Sello makes it easy for all of our sellers no matter if you have a small or large assortment. Fast and quick response, quick adjustment, makes our collaboration great and easy for sellers to get onboard.

Ognian Lahchev
Marketplace Manager

Sello is an aggregator that assists vidaXL’s Marketplace sellers in managing their inventory and orders. Their support and fast-response to general changes are ideal for sellers who want to expand their business.

Fredrik Svensson
Leksaksaffären Sverige AB
When we started our e-commerce business we chose Sello because it was the best option available and we have realized it was a good choice for the long-run! Sello is always being improved with new smart features and they listen with open ears to their customers about improvements and new features we are missing. Plus Sello’s customer support that has a high level of quality astonishing Sello has a perfect customer service and it is very fast, knowledgeable and very helpful – And that is also a big plus.
Lena Overgaard
Marketplace Key Account Manager
Sello was one of the first aggregators we partnered up with when launching Coolshop Marketplace. We appreciate the close partnership, the good dialogue and the fast reaction to general changes and improvements.
Niklas Håkansson
Inf Company AB

Sello make it easy for us to get our products online in the most important marketplaces in our region. They have a very stable system with zero down time. Sellos support staff is very quick and professional and that is so important to have when you really need them. Since we joined Sello back in 2016 we have grown 1780%.

Jimmy Tieu
JTI Ventures AB

We have used Sello since we started and we have reach an incredible growth together. Sello is always being improved and they always search for new possibilities to add more growth, which we really like! Sello also has the worlds most nicest support team! 🙂