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  • Monthly cost
  • Commission
  • Tradera
  • Fyndiq
  • CDON Marketplace
  • Amazon
  • SelloShop
  • PrestaShop
  • WooCommerce
  • DHL Mutlishipping
  • Posten - Pacsoft
  • Book keeping
  • Multi-updating
  • Stock reminder
  • Variants
  • Free support


  • Monthly cost Free
  • Commission Free
  • Tradera Free
  • Fyndiq No
  • CDON Marketplace No
  • Amazon No
  • SelloShop No
  • PrestaShop No
  • WooCommerce No
  • DHL Mutlishipping Add-on
  • Posten - Pacsoft Add-on
  • Book keeping Yes
  • Multi-updating Yes
  • Stock reminder Yes
  • Variants No
  • Free support Yes
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  • Monthly cost 199 SEK (free until your 1st order)
  • Commission
    4 % 1 - 25 000 SEK
    2 % 25 000 - 100 000 SEK
    1.5 % + 100 000 SEK
  • Tradera Yes, free (no fees/commission from Sello)
  • Fyndiq Yes
  • CDON Marketplace Yes
  • Amazon Yes
  • SelloShop Yes
  • PrestaShop Yes
  • WooCommerce Yes
  • DHL Mutlishipping Yes
  • Posten - Pacsoft Yes
  • Book keeping Yes
  • Multi-updating Yes
  • Stock reminder Yes
  • Variants Yes
  • Free support Yes
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Frequently asked questions

What does Sello cost?

Sello is completely free for those who just want to use Sello with Tradera.
To connect to, CDON Marketplace, Fyndiq, Amazon, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and / or create a webshop at Sello costs and requires the Premium package. However, it is always free to the first order.

The first 14 days are always free Sello, you must then test the full force of Sello then you can choose if you want to continue. We have no periods or hidden charges.

Should you be free this summer? Put Sello pause and pay nothing in that Sello only cost when you sell.

Do I need to create an account at the marketplace?

Yes, you must have an account on each marketplace before you can connect Sello. Once the account in the marketplace is clear, you can relax your Sellokonto against each marketplace and then do everything from Sello.

Webshop however, you can start directly in Sello, SelloShop. wooCommerce- and PrestaShop is the same as the marketplace, ie, first create an account with them and then link it to Sello.

Can I start my own webshop with Sello?

Absolutely! There are currently three different types of web shop, you can start with Sello.

SelloShop – The simplest variant of the web shop. Get started today with our completed responsive templates.
wooCommerce – For those of you who put design in focus. Start a webshop at wooCommerce and sync it to your Sellokonto.
PrestaShop – If you want to scale and grow. Start a web shop on PrestaShop and sync it to your Sellokonto.
You can have as many web shops you want, we stand for a server, operating, service and maintenance. Unlike many other e-commerce providers to get at no extra cost to create multiple webshops and connect to multiple marketplaces.

You can for example have: 3st webshops, 2st Fyndiq accounts, 2st CDON accounts, 2st Tradera accounts and 4x Amazon accounts linked to the same Sellokonto without any additional fixed costs.

How does Sello work?

Sello is the hub of your sales. You manage all your articles (prices, texts, images, etc.) in the Sello and send out the products in the / channels you want to sell in. Sello keeps track of all the items, inventory, orders and much more.

Add your products in the Sello by creating or importing them.
Publish your inventory to all channels that you have linked your account to Sello. It’s super simple, you just need to activate your products Sello so they come out at your desired marketplaces or web shops.
Sello then loads your orders every 15 minutes. When you sold a product you order will come into Sello which automatically reduces the inventory balance of product and synchronize it with all your channels so that the stock balance is always right everywhere.
You only need to administer your products and sales from Sello, we give you all the tools you might need to efficiently manage products and orders.

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