WordPress is a great CMS platform and the WooCommerce extension is more or less the e-commerce standard when using WordPress. The Sello plugin developers have created a very modern and well integrated plugin for WooCommerce with features that is easy to use for getting your products onboard your sale channels with very little effort. The Channel Connector plugin for WooCommerce have the features you need for inventory management like: Marketplace category mapping, marketplace activation on product level per channel, bulk-mode editing and so on. You can control exactly what products you want to send to what marketplace with the Channel Connector plugin. When products are changed in your WooCommerce store the plugin will automatically synchronize the changes to your marketplaces – Your product data is always up to date on your sale channels with Channel Connector.
The plugin is built for ease of use – no need for complex product & attribute mapping for creating product feeds – It should be easy to start selling on your new marketplaces you choose to work with.
WooCommerce Plugin
Sello offers the Channel Connector plugin for WooCommerce (WordPress) – With this plugin you control your e-commerce marketplace channels from your WooCommerce store – The plugin is built to manage both inventory and orders. Product and order updates are automatically synchronized with the Channel Connector plugin to your marketplace you choose to sell at. Channel Connector will import all your marketplace sales to your WooCommerce store – The orders are manage directly in your WooCommerce platform as usual.
The Channel Connector plugin have full support for managing orders that Sello imports from your marketplaces you connected to. It will only be a matter of time before the products you published is starting to sell – When orders are created on the marketplace Sello and Channel Connector will automatically create the order in your WooCommerce store like you are used to. The only thing you need to do is take care of the order management for your new customers – Channel Connector takes care of the rest like stock reduction on the sold item, generating specific marketplace delivery notes and reporting shipping carrier and tracking number back to the marketplace when the order is marked as delivered.
Get Channel Connector today! totally free for 30 days
  • Free help with setup WooCommerce with your marketplace
  • Free technical support from Sello’s IT support technicians
  • Free support with onboarding Fruugo marketplace
  • Totally free with Fruugo marketplace for Fruugo sellers
  • Full control over you products and inventory information
  • Great order management with powerful features
  • Easy setup in WooCommerce
  • Very simple plugin configuration
  • Automated product updates to marketplace
  • Choose to manage orders from Sello platform or WooCommerce
  • Manage products – both simple and variation products
  • Additional product changes can be done from Sello platform
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