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About Sello

Company: Sell-o AB – Reg. no: 556852-2832
Tax no: SE556852283201 – The company holds F-tax certificate

The history behind Sello

In March 2006, I cleaned my wardrobes and put it up for sale on Tradera. The sales went so well that it became difficult to keep track of who had paid and who had not, what orders had been sent, etc. I then created Halvapriset.com, a simple system for keeping track of sales on Tradera. I had never thought that anyone else then me would use it, but the application quickly became popular and it evolved fast with many new features.

2009 we changed our name to Sello. Today Sello application is for those who want the freedom to sell products wherever it suits you best. Some products might fit best on Tradera, others on Fyndiq or CDON. With us you can also open your own webshop and sell your products on.

The uniqueness of Sello’s just that you can take something and put it on all or some selected sales channels simultaneously. Sello will ensure that all channels have the right inventory, product images, prices and so on.

During all the years we been running Sello it has been our users that has contributed a lot in the development with their ideas. Most of the features you find on Sello today has been good ideas that our users has contributed with. The fact is that we are still almost daily release of new features that come from the suggestions of our users.

Do you have a good idea about how Sello can be even better? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Now we are over a thousand users at Sello. Many of us have not stopped using Sello since the start with “Halvapriset.com” in 2006.

You are welcome too!

Christoffer Andersson
Sell-o AB

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