webshop extensions

We have created a reliable extension for connecting webshops to marketplaces. The Sello platform will bridge the gap between your webshop and the marketplace. Install the ChannelConnector app in your webshop and it will start communicating with the Sello platform. This setup will let you keep your management in your webshop while letting you onboard new sales channels in a safe manner.

The Sello platform have been widely used for many years and we have created a very hi-tech, easy and modular platform for marketplace management. The idea was that we take advantage of the Sello platform’s connection architecture when building these extensions – The Channel Connector extension on the webshop-side does not do any complicated API calls or messy product feeds when communicating with marketplaces. This is why we have created a very reliable extension for connecting webshop’s to marketplaces. The Sello platform is the bridge between your webshop and the marketplace – The benefits of this setup is that we can fine-tune and maintain all the connections in Sello instead of always updating thins on the webshop-side. Your webshop and the Channel Connector extension only need to communicate products and updates to the Sello platform in one simple way – The Sello platform can then push these products in 10 different ways to 10 different marketplaces you connected. To add new marketplaces to your disposal will very simple, no need for complicated updates.

With the extensions installed in your webshop you can do almost all the things you can do when using the Sello platform that is built for marketplace management. Products will automatically push updates when changed in your webshop to Sello and the marketplaces you connected to. When your customers on the marketplace buy a product from you – Sello will import the order and then create it in your webshop system. Order management is handled directly in your webshop system as usual – When the order is delivered the Channel Connector extension will push this to the Sello platform and we then update the status change on the marketplace – Order tracking and carrier is also synchronized from your webshop to the marketplace.

Sello’s motto is that it should be easy to start selling on marketplaces – adding new marketplace connections should only be a couple clicks. Our Channel Connector extension is very modular, powerful and easy to use – We take care of all the technicalities.