Wish Express is here!

Now you can configure Wish Express directly in Sello!

With this program, Wish wants to reduce the time customers have to wait for their order and make e-commerce faster than ever before by giving you the possibility of offering express shipping to your customers.

Wish Express is devised per product per country. Items sold under Wish Express program are promised to be delivered to buyers in stipulated time within the order’s deadline. Merchants that opt for Wish Express program are benefitted in terms of impressions and higher visibility.


  • Higher Visibility – Up to 10 times more impressions.
  • Distinct Image – Wish express badge on qualified product listings.
  • Featured in Wish Express tabs and in customers’ search results.
  • Eligible for faster payments.

If you can guarantee delivery of a product A to a country B within its deadlines, then your product is eligible to be in Wish Express. You can find per country deadlines below:

Delivery Requirements for Wish Express Orders (as of 2018-08-16)

The required deadline for any order under wish express to be delivered is 5 working days, with exceptions to these countries:

Destination Country Delivery Requirement (working days)
France (FR) 6
Sweden (SE) 8
Australia (AU) 7
Italy (IT) 6
Switzerland (CH) 6
Spain (ES) 8
Denmark (DK) 6
Finland (FI) 7
Norway (NO) 8
Puerto Rico (PR) 7



Requirements for Wish Express On-time Arrival rates are 95%

We recommend that sellers connected to Wish start adjusting these settings as soon as possible. You will need to specify which countries to sell in and from what warehouse you are shipping from even though you are not planning on offering Wish Express.

Read more on how to offer Wish Express and how you adjust the new settings in Sello here.