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Terms of Use


1.1 These terms apply to all websites offered by Sell-o AB (556852-2832 By using Sello ( “Service”) permits the natural or legal person ( “user”) that he has read and accepted the following terms and conditions. The user may only accept the Terms if he is old enough and otherwise possess legal capacity to enter into a binding agreement with Sell-o AB. The user accepts these conditions is a prerequisite for the service to be used.

1.2 Sell-o AB reserves the right to change these conditions. Updates will be announced in due time prior to their entry into force. Use of service after the changes become effective constitutes an acceptance of the new terms in full.


2.1 Sell-o AB (556852-2832 is a Swedish limited liability company domiciled in Gävle. The company holds an F-tax certificate and is registered for VAT.


3.1 When the user joins offered him to free try out for the service relevant functions. The user is recommended that during this time to test the service’s features. After the trial period, the user is offered to become a paying member.

3.2 Payment to Sell-o AB is in the form of commissions based on a percentage of the user’s monthly sales (turnover), plus a fixed fee, see point 3.3. The amount to be paid in the form of commission, calculated by Sell-o AB from the user’s monthly sales excl. VAT, and except possible sales at Tradera which are free of charge from Sell-o AB, as of 1st of July 2016. To this amount is added to the fixed fee. Payment is made monthly in arrears under the bill.

3.3 From 1 November 2015, the percentage of the user’s monthly sales excl. VAT, and except possible sales at Tradera which are free of charge from Sell-o AB as of from 1st of July 2016. The following table:

Turnover (kr) Commisson (%)
1 – 25 000 SEK 4 %
25 001 – 100 000 SEK 2 %
100 001 – 500 000 SEK 1,5 %
500 001 SEK According agreement

The flat fee is SEK 199 per month. All prices are excl. VAT.

3.4 The service has no binding period. If the user cease sales (monthly revenue is $ 0) $ 0 will be charged. Otherwise charged fixed fee and commission under the current price list.

3.5 Since the commission based on sales, no debit happen to such orders undone or other reasonable cause is removed. To remove an order without reason, for example, in order to avoid paying charges, be regarded as abuse of the service and a breach of point 6.3. Violation of this provision is subject to penalty under point 7.1. Sell-o AB will take samples in order to combat abuse.

3.6 In the event that payment is not made owns Sell-o right to disable the user’s account.

3.7 Sell-O reserves the right to make the general price adjustments and changes in payment methods, as well as price increases for individual users who violate the condition in section 6.4. Such changes will be announced in due time before they take effect.

3.8 Sell-o AB reserves the right to downgrade a premium account to free version if it is not actively working on sales on other marketplaces than Tradera for three months. In case of downgrade, any additional services and features that belong to the premium version of Sello will be terminated.


4.1 On sale in the connected marketplaces saved buyer’s contact and order information. It is the user’s responsibility to inform the buyer of this happening. Saving customers’ personal and order information without consent is prohibited under the Personal Data Act (PUL).

4.2 Sell-o does not monitor all of the content generated by members of its websites and has no obligation to do so. Sell-O reserves the right to monitor all such content and, without notice, to edit, delete or remove any content that Sell-o think is inappropriate.

4.3 The opinions expressed in the comments field and / or public Web sites do not express Sell-o AB, its affiliates or partners. If any Content violates these rules or the contents otherwise considered inappropriate, please report it to

4.4 As a member, the user take advantage of promotional offers Sell-o AB offers together with its partners. To inform about promotions owns Sell-o right to contact the user via the contact information he stated. Sell-O will not disclose the user’s contact information to third parties who are not partners with Sell-o AB.4.5 Sell-o AB processes the user’s personal data under the Personal Data Act (PUL).

4.6 If the user wants to find out what the person’s contact details Sell-o AB processes the request sent to The same applies if the user wants to Sell-o AB to cease treatment.


5.1 Sell-o AB’s websites and applications are provided as they are. Occasionally, sites and applications may be unavailable or be affected by faults or maintenance, or other circumstances beyond Sell-o AB’s control. No warranty is made with respect to quality, functionality, availability or performance of Sell-o AB’s websites or applications as well as their content.

5.2 Sell-o AB reserves the right to modify, suspend or remove content from its websites or applications at any time without notice. Planned changes that significantly alter the user experience, however, will be announced in due time.


6.1 The user is responsible for any fees required for use of the service, such as eg contributions to the ISP.

6.2 The user must not damage, interfere with or prevent access to the Sell-o AB websites and applications or its contents, or do anything that could harm their functioning or inhibit any other person access to the Sell-o AB’s websites or applications or their content.

6.3 The user must not use the sites or applications or their content in any way that is unlawful or damaging Sell-o AB, its affiliates or any other person.

6.4 The service requires the use of normal resources. If a user uses more server power / data than what can be considered normal, and thus affect others negatively, this user will first be warned and as the last shut down without reimbursement of fees paid, or charged a higher price in accordance with item 3.7 above . The price increase will then be equal to what is reasonable in relation to how much server power user consumes in comparison with equivalent user.

6.5 Sell-o AB shall, unless so required by mandatory law, under no circumstances be held liable for any loss arising from the use or inability to use the service. This should include all forms of direct and indirect losses and damages.

6.6 Any abuse to the conditions, in particular paragraphs 6.2 and 6.3, leads to immediate suspension and / or in some cases to the police. Users can not in this case, the repayment of the contribution paid.

6.7 The User is entirely responsible for the content he or she publishes and Sell-o AB can not be held responsible for this.

6.8 Sell-o AB can not be held responsible for partner businesses. This includes changes in ownership, insolvency and litigation.

6.9 Sell-o AB follows the Consumer Purchases (KKL) and the Co-op Services Act (KtjL). In the event that a natural person using the service for personal use, these conditions only apply to the extent they do not conflict with KKL, KtjL or general consumer law principles.


7.1 In the event that the user does not fulfill his obligations under Clause 3.5 above, the latter is obliged to Sell-o AB, to pay a fine of SEK 10 000 excl. VAT for each violation.


8.1 In the event the user believes that the service is bad in any way apply customary reklamationsfrister under the Sales Law / KKLs regulations. Complaints must be made by e-mail to


In the event of a dispute arising between the parties in relation to facts which are regulated by these conditions, solved this by applying the rules of simplified arbitration at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. These conditions shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law.

Terms of November 1, 2015.