HARD TIME? E-COMMERCE Sello is a standalone e-commerce platform offering tailor-made solutions for e-commerce sellers who want to expand. Our features have been specifically developed to help our users streamline their daily workflow mouse GIVING YOU A


We are constantly looking for new ways to improve Sello – Which is why we make it a point to listen to our merchants. Their feedback is what helps us to develop relevant tools and features that make Sello a better platform. Below you will find our core features and a brief description of what they can help you with.


Importing your products using this method will create the products in Sello automatically, making it easy for you to put them up for sale on your preferred sales channels. Sello can also read your feed at a certain interval which will update your products automatically – Read more here.


Import and update products in Sello with our modular Excel import feature. This method is especially applicable when updating or creating a large number of products at once. This feature can also be used in conjunction with our Excel export feature to use already existing product data to update or create products. – Read more here.


Expand your sales by importing your Prestashop products to Sello with our powerful Prestashop import feature. This will create your products in Sello, making it easy for you to publish them on other sales channels – Read more here.

Our Features

Google Shopping
Excel Import
Bulk Edit
Multiple Users
Delivery Time
Product templates
Custom Order Statuses
Automatic weight calculation
Bulk Efficiency for Order
Order Notes
Send Customer Emails
Pricing Adjustment
Health Check
Monthly Sales
Number of Products For Sale
Stock Worth
Top Sellers
Optimize Products
Turnover and Gain
Order Statistics
Product Details
Filter Products
Quick Edit
Purchase Orders
Excel Export
Amazon Import
Shipping Documents
Delivery Notes
Create Folders
Product Activation
Product Pricing
Product Overview
Product Editing
Order Overview
Allegro import
Prestashop Import
Fyndiq Import
Tradera Import
Wish Import
eBay Import
CSV Import
Woocommerce Import
Magento Import
Wikinggruppen Import
Product feed