This is WooCommerce documentation for Sello’s plugin ChannelConnector that is used to connect your WooCommerce webshop with Sello and the marketplaces Sello supports. We will go through all necessary steps of installing the plugin in your webshop, pushing your products to Sello for a selected marketplace and looking at how orders are managed in WooCommerce for the marketplaces.
You can combine the plugin with the Sello platform if needed. This is great when you need add additional product information like attributes, texts or if you want to modify your pricing of the products for you marketplaces. The plugin will send all product data to Sello and the Sello platform will push the data from your Sello account to the desired marketplaces.

You will need to have the following for setting up WooCommerce, Sello and a marketplace. First of all you will need a WooCommerce webshop, then you will need to register a Sello account and choose what marketplace you want to sell at, the last thing will be to installing the ChannelConnector plugin for Sello and connecting WooCommerce to your Sello account which is connected to your e-commerce marketplace.
Go to and register your Sello account – it is totally free. There are a couple of steps when registering, you add your account details, choose what marketplace to sell at and add your URL (web address) to your webshop.
When you register a Sello account you can choose one marketplace to sell at – If you want to add more marketplace to use with Sello you can do this afterwards from you settings page in Sello – See the Sello help portal.
Login to your WordPress admin for your WooCommerce webshop. You need to download and install the ChannelConnector plugin for Sello that is published on the WordPress plugin database. There are a couple of really simple steps to follow in WordPress admin page.
  1. Go to Plugins page
  2. Click Add New button
  3. Search for ChannelConnector
  4. Click Install Now button
  5. When installed click Activate button
When the ChannelConnector plugin is installed you need to connect ChannelConnector to your Sello account. This is really easy to do in WordPress admin for your WooCommerce.
  1. Go to ChannelConnector page
  2. Click Sign in to Sello button
  3. Sign in with your Sello account credentials
When you have installed ChannelConnector and connected your WooCommerce to your Sello account you want to export your products to your Sello account and marketplace. This is done from the WooCommerce product page in WordPress admin and there is a very simple but powerful interface for working with your inventory you want to export to your marketplaces.
Login to your WordPress admin for your WooCommerce webshop – Then go to the page where you edit your WooCommerce products in WordPress. From this page in WordPress you will be able to map your products in WooCommerce to your selected marketplaces and choose to activate the products, when the products get Active (Enabled) they will be created in Sello and Sello will try to push the to your chosen marketplace.
  1. Go to Products page (All Products)
  2. Click to Edit one of your products
  3. Click the ChannelConnector tab in the section Product data
  4. Choose to Enable the product for your desired marketplace
  5. Select a marketplace Category for this product
  6. Choose to Save the product
Login to your WordPress admin for your WooCommerce webshop – When products are enabled in WooCommerce for Sello (ChannelConnector) and the marketplace you choose the ChannelConnector plugin will automatically push the products to Sello for creation – Sello will then try to push the products to your selected marketplace. You can mass export products from WooCommerce to your Sello account like this.
  1. Go to Products page (All Products)
  2. Select the products in the list that you want to export
  3. Choose Edit in the select menu above the product list
  4. Click the Apply button to the right of the select menu
  5. Choose to Enable the products for you marketplace of choice
  6. Choose the marketplace Category for the products
  7. Click the Update button underneath
When orders are placed on your marketplace you choose to sell at Sello will automatically import the order from your marketplace into Sello – Sello will then create this order in your WooCommerce order page and deduct the sold item on your inventory stock in WooCommerce. You can choose to use your WooCommerce order page for managing your orders or you can login to your Sello account and manage your orders directly in Sello.
When Sello have created your marketplace order in your WooCommerce you can then generate the delivery note for the marketplace directly in WooCommerce and this is how you do it.
  1. Go to WooCommerce page (Orders)
  2. Choose a order in the order list
  3. Click the Download delivery note link
When you want to mark your marketplace order as shipped to notify the customer and the marketplace you sell at that you have fulfilled the order you just do as you are used to. Find your order, handle it and then change the order status to completed. This will push a API request to Sello and the order will be marked as Delivered in Sello – Sello will then forward this request to your marketplace to deliver it in their platform.
  1. Go to WooCommerce page (Orders)
  2. Choose a order in the order list
  3. Choose Completed as status on the order
  4. Click to Save / Update the order
All WooCommerce webshops are not created equal and this sometimes cause difficulties with getting the ChannelConnector plugin to work properly. We have tried to use the most modular code setup for the plugin as possible to make it work on a very broad spectrum of WooCommerce setups – But sometimes it is not enough to make things work for all webshops.
Sello offers free support and technical troubleshooting for all our apps / modules / plugins – If you find a bug or you are having trouble to get the plugin to work property with your shop we can assist you in trying to resolve the issue – We have many years of experience in working with these webshop platforms and we can probably help you solve the issue or come with a qualified recommendation in resolving the issue if you want to work with our IT-technicians.