The Shopify app for Sello (Channel Connector) is easily installed in your Shopify. When the ChannelConnector app is installed in your Shopify it will automatically be exported to Sello. There is no need for complicated product feed attribute mapping like other feed based integration platforms – Sello keeps it easy and as simple as possible for you to integrate your products to all your marketplaces. The app fully supports automated product stock updates – when a product stock is changed in Shopify the App will push the updates to your marketplaces so your product stock is always up to date – everywhere!
Shopify App
Sello offers the Channel Connector app for Shopify – With this extension you can easily connect your Shopify webshop to Sello and all the sale channels Sello offers a connection for. The app offers both inventory and order management for your marketplaces directly in your Shopify platform. When a product is sold on the marketplace you connected Channel Connector to it will automatically create the order in your Shopify webshop. Order fulfillment for your marketplaces will be handled in the same way as you are used to – directly in your Shopify backend.
Your order fulfillments is done directly in Shopify like you are used to. As soon as a order is created on your marketplace you sell at Sello will import your order and create it in your Shopify backend – when created stock reduction is done automatically to see to it that your product stock is always accurate.
Orders that you fulfill in your Shopify will be reported back to your marketplace we imported it from – if you add tracking number and carrier when handling your order we will report this back to you marketplace and customer that bought your product.
Get Channel Connector today! totally free for 30 days
  • Free help with setup Shopify with your marketplace
  • Free technical support from Sello’s IT support technicians
  • Free support with onboarding Fruugo marketplace
  • Totally free with Fruugo marketplace for Fruugo sellers
  • Full control over you products and inventory information
  • Great order management with powerful features
  • Easy setup in Shopify
  • Very simple plugin configuration
  • Automated product updates to marketplace
  • Choose to manage orders from Sello platform or Shopify
  • Manage products – both simple and variation products
  • Additional product changes can be done from Sello platform
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