The most time consuming part of getting onboard a new marketplace is to export your product inventory to the marketplace. Before this can be done you need to map your products to the categories of the sale channel. We have tried to make this as easy as possible in Magento with different features. In the extension there is both webshop category to marketplace category mapping and category mapping on product level if you would like to fine-tune the category choice.
Some marketplaces require you to set their different product attributes to your products to be able to export the products to that channel. The different attributes for the marketplace usually varies depending on what category you choose. The Magento 2 extension have support for mapping Magento’s attributes to the different sale channels. The Magento 2 extension lets you activate all or some products for different sale channels, you do not need to push your whole inventory to all marketplaces if you do not want to.
The Magento 2 extension and Sello will keep track of the changes that happens in your product data. If your products is changed or your stock is lowered this will automatically be synchronized to your marketplace so your current product information will always be correct on all your channels.
One unique advantage this Magento 2 extension has is that Sello’s platform takes care of all the complicated things when updating products and importing orders from and to your marketplaces – The extension only talk with Sello and keeps it simple. This creates a very simple but powerful setup and we are taking full advantage and utilizing Sello’s infrastructure that is widely used for many years by our sellers today. The less things the Magento 2 extension needs to do the easier it is to create a very stable extension for marketplace management – to add new marketplaces is handled directly in Sello and does not require any complicated updates in your extension.
Magento 2 Extension
Sello offers the Channel Connector extension for Magento 2 – With this extension you can easily plug your Magento webshop into Sello and all the sale channels Sello offers a connection for. The extension offers both inventory and order management for your marketplaces directly in your Magento platform. When a product is sold on the marketplace you connected too Channel Connector will automatically create the order in your Magento webshop. Orderhandling for marketplaces will be handled in the same way as you are used to – directly in your Magento system. Our Magento 2 extension officially supports version 2.0 up to 2.X (latest)
When you have started to get going with your sale channels you will probably start getting orders on the products you advertise. The extension have full support for order management for your marketplaces and the sold item on the marketplace will decrease the stock on the item in Magento. When orders for your marketplace have been handled and delivered in Magento the extension will automatically push this information to Sello. If transporter and tracking number is added to the order in Magento this will also be pushed back to the marketplace and your customer that bought your product.
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  • Free help with setup Magento with your marketplace
  • Free technical support from Sello’s IT support technicians
  • Free support with onboarding Fruugo marketplace
  • Totally free with Fruugo marketplace for Fruugo sellers
  • Full control over you products and inventory information
  • Great order management with powerful features
  • Easy setup in Magento
  • Very simple plugin configuration
  • Automated product updates to marketplace
  • Choose to manage orders from Sello platform or Magento
  • Manage products – both simple and variation products
  • Additional product changes can be done from Sello platform
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