Integrations to both Spartoo and are here!

Sello has recently integrated with both and Spartoo. Both of these marketplaces are available in Sello and if you meet their requirements you have the possibility of reaching out to a large market in Europe.


Spartoo started in France in 2006 and has since then grown to become a well-known brand in e-commerce. Spartoo’s main focus is fashion, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children.

Spartoo is present in over 25 countries, such as France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom and has over 14 million monthly visitors.
If you have the right products you have the possibility to reach all of Europe.

Rakuten was started in Tokyo in 1997 and is the biggest e-commerce platform in Japan and one of the biggest online companies in the world.

They have been called Japans Amazon but its founder says that this comparison isn’t accurate. One of Amazons main focus points has always been the product and the customer by improving distribution and choice while Rakuten focuses more on the shopping experience itself. One of Rakuten’s main principles is “Omotenashi”, which is the Japanese concept of providing high quality and personal service.
They believe the shopping experience should be comparable to go to a local coffee shop or grocer where you get a high level of personal service.

Rakuten has marketplaces in many countries, such as Japan, the USA, the United Kingdom and Germany. it is the latter that we have integrated to this time.

In order to sell on this marketplace, you are required to have a business registered in Germany amongst other things.
this means that this marketplace might not be available for most merchants but the ones that do has the possibility to reach out to a large market in Germany.