Wish settings in Sello

On this help page, we will go over the different settings for Wish you can find in Sello.

When you have gone through the obvious steps such as creating / activating the connection to Wish itself, there are some settings you need to go through.


These settings goes both for sellers that want to use Wish Express and those who want to use the standard shipping.

  1. Countries you deliver to: Choose what countries you want to deliver to.
  2. Offer express: Choose whether you want to offer Wish Express or not.
  3. Warehouse: Choose what warehouse you are delivering from.
  4. Origin country: Choose from what country you are shipping the products.

If you won’t be offering Wish Express, choose the standard warehouse. If you want to offer Wish Express you will have to choose one of the Wish Express warehouses. Which one you choose doesn’t really matter unless you have an actual physical warehouse in another country.

Good to know:

  • It is up to you as a seller to choose the countries that you know for sure that you can deliver within the timeframe required for Wish Express.
  • You can not offer Wish Express and standard shipping on the same integration, you will have to create a separate integration if you want to offer both.