What webshop systems Sello offers

Sello offers you the possibility of creating two different kinds of webshops. You may have as many as you like at no extra charge and since they all will be connected to the same account, managing your inventory will be easy, just like with your marketplace integrations.

The following webshops are available at the moment:

  • Prestashop (A platform that’s been on the market since 2008 and is one of the most used webshops)
  • WooCommerce (A platform that is based on WordPress, which is the worlds most used CMS (Content Management System) to date)

Sello is always working towards adding new marketplaces and webshops for integration. We also strive to add connections to open source webshop systems because this kind of system is a platform where the public can contribute with updates, improvements and the continued development of the system. This enables us to do what we do best, to create high-quality integrations and to tend to Sello as a whole. A few examples of open source platforms are Prestashop, WooCommerce and Magento.

For the sellers that want a great webshop that allows them to grow, we recommend Prestashop. We have been connected to Prestashop since 20014 and we have since mastered the system and its API. We have created a well-functioning connection between Sello and Prestashop.

Prestashop is a well-known webshop platform that is both powerful and universal. It is an open source platform which means that anyone can contribute to making it better. It launched around 2008 and has since improved each day. We have chosen to integrate Sello to Prestashop because we truly think it’s a great system which suits both big and small sellers and developing your store by adding new features is easy.

The only drawback is that a certain knowledge about computers is necessary, there is a lot of settings one can use which might take some skill to utilize properly.

Sello can give you a Prestashop webshop that we will run for you on our servers. We will take care of the server, hard drives, traffic, and server maintenance. If this is something you want we can install one for you, just contact us at Sello support.

If you chose to let us create a webshop for you we will give you an address that will look something like this: mystore.selloshop.com. You can, of course, point your own domain name to your Prestashop, should you have one. Just contact Sello support and we will help you, free of charge.

We will then install the newest version of Prestashop for you, you will get the standard theme that comes with Prestashop and you will also get most of the modules you will need to get started.

We will also give you FTP access which lets you make changes to your shop’s code or its theme, this makes designing your shop easy.

There are tons of different modules and themes for Prestashop available that lets you make your shop unique. You can find some of them here: http://addons.prestashop.com.

There is also a very comprehensible manual for Prestashop, a great forum for all Prestashop users and loads of Youtube videos to help you should you have any problems or questions. This is part of what makes Prestashop great.