Tradera settings for shipping on orders with multiple items

This setting is ideal for anyone managing orders with manual payment options such as: Banktransfer, Swish, Postgiro and more, or when a customer has won several auctions and you don’t want them to have to pay full shipping for every item won. If you use Paypal or Klarna however, this setting is not for you as the Tradera checkout will calculate your shipping and use its own shipping settings.

This setting is used in conjunction with the merge Tradera orders setting in Sello. (Sello merges unpaid Tradera orders from the same customer (Tradera alias) by default).

Sello will calculate the shipping cost according to your Tradera settings. This can be modified in Sello:

  1. Log into  Sello.
  2. Go to: Settings -> Tradera -> Samfrakt

Set your desired shipping cost for multiple item orders from the same customer.