Tradera order settings

Sello and Tradera are highly compatible and made to work well together, which is why there are a number of settings and functions exclusive to Tradera orders.
One of these manages the merging of orders from the same customer (Tradera alias) containing multiple items. If you don’t want the customer to have to pay full shipping for all the items included in the (now merged) order, this setting will help you set a custom shipping cost designed just for these kinds of orders.

By default, Sello merges all orders marked as “new” from the same customer. This can be modified in Sello, to change these settings, do the following:

  1. Log into Sello.
  2. Go to: Settings -> Tradera -> Checkout

This setting can be used on your Tradera store and store orders but it is best suited for orders with auction items because these are often unpaid when synced to Sello (status: “väntar på betalning” or “ny”).

if you want Sello to send an email to a customer when that person wins an auction you simply need to change the setting called “At new unpaid order” to “Send mail”.
You don’t want to use this setting on orders that have the status “Betalning Mottagen” when they are synced to Sello because they are already paid.

One thing to keep in mind is to follow through with your order process in Sello, when the order is delivered to your customer, you need to change its status to “Levererad” if not,
you will end up with page after page with old orders that are still active even though they are delivered.

If you are using custom shipping on orders with multiple items from the same customer it is probably a good idea to merge these in Sello.If you use Klarna Checkout or any similar payment options you can ignore this guide completely.

When Sello reads the order and it gets the status “Väntar på betalning” or “Ny”, Sello will merge all orders that are from the same buyer until you deliver the order. Sello will then start merging again if any new orders from the same buyer are found. A good indication that an order consists of several different orders is if you can see several Tradera order numbers when you open the order in Sello and that it contains several order rows, off course. If the buyer chooses to pay with Klarna checkout after the order has already been read, Sello will be notified and will in turn notify you by marking the order rows as paid, this will give the order rows a green color and a “payment recieved” message will be displayed.