Tips for being successful in e-commerce and webshop ownership

We here at Sello have had years of experience when it comes to e-commerce and webshops, we have been working with thousands of sellers and manage many of their webshops here at Sello. During these years we have picked up a few things that are crucial to succeeding in e-commerce. Since our prices are based on commission, we naturally want you to succeed since if you are doing good, we are doing good. This drives us to help you improve your sales.

So if you are not afraid to buckle down and work with your products, improve your webshop and edit your products metadata, here are a couple of great tips that will help you increase your sales.



  • Google Shopping (Requires EAN/GTIN and SSL)
  • Personal domain name (e.g.: www.myshop.se)
  • Sites that compare prices (Prisjakt, Pricerunner)
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • Working with Google (sitemap, SEO tags-descriptions, Google Analytics)
  • Maintain several webshops, each with its own focus / orientation.
  • Appealing design.
  • Newsletter subscription service.
  • Working with social media (Facebook, Instagram)


  • Sell on all marketplaces.
  • Assign EAN / GTIN number on all your products.


  • EAN / GTIN number (Is required on many marketplaces and sites)
  • Attributes
  • Use your own article number (SKU)
  • Appealing products (Professional images, good descriptions, smart pricing)


  • Work efficiently (more time for other things)
  • Assemble your order, pack it and book smart shipping.

Contact us at Sello if you have any questions or need some tips. There are no shortcuts to success in this business, it is earned through hard work and commitment. We do however, have a series of smart tools to help you along the way. There are off course more things that you can do to boost your sales but the above pointers will help you reach out to your customers which, if you do it right, will make you stand out.