Publish auctions or fixed price ads on Tradera

If you don’t have a Tradera store you will need to publish auctions or “fixed price” ads (30 days) to sell your products as opposed to activating them in Sello and put them up for sale like you would for eg. Fyndiq or CDON.

To publish your products as an auction or a fixed-price ad you will need to select the products and send them to the outbox. Below we will go over how to send products to the outbox, the settings that you will find there and the different ways you can sell a product on Tradera.

Here’s how to send products to the outbox:

  1. Log into Sello.
  2. Select the products you would like to publish.
  3. In the top of the page, click: “Create auction”.
  4. If your products have all the required information they will be sent to the “Outbox”.

Here’s how to publish auctions from your outbox:

  1. Go to the page: “Outbox”.
  2. Make any final changes.
  3. When you are ready to publish, click: “Publish All Auctions”.

In a couple of minutes, your items will be live on Tradera.

These are the settings you will find in the outbox:

  • Start date for publishing – The date your ad goes live.
  • Start time for publishing – The time your ad goes live.
  • Interval between auctions – How much time will pass between auctions.
  • Auction type – Fixed-price ad or auction.
  • Auction duration – For how long your auction should be live on Tradera.

These settings are global, meaning they affect all the ads in the outbox.

In addition to the global settings, these are also available as per product settings:

  • Auction type.
  • Chosen item.
  • Highlight.

Here you can also change the price of your ad before publishing.

The different kinds of ads:

Auctions – Auctions on Tradera will be active 3 – 14 days depending on your preference. You will not be able to change the auction while its active. Should the product not be sold it will be taken down after the chosen time has passed.

Fixed price ad – Fixed price ads will be active on Tradera for 30 days, just like a store item would. Just like the auction you cannot change anything about the product while its active. Meaning you will not be able to alter price or other information during this period. If not sold in 30 days it will be taken down.

Good to know:

  • To place your products in the outbox you need at least one Tradera integration on your account and on your products, you need to have added “Auction start price” and/or “Buynow” price.
  • Many sellers choose to finish their auctions on days that they know the customers will have time to supervise auctions and place bids. To set an auction to end on a Sunday night is preferable to a Monday morning.
  • You can set your auctions to start at a future date by tweaking the start date in the outbox.
  • If you click “Edit” on a product in the outbox you can change the price before publishing, you can also publish separate products in the list if you don’t want to publish all products at once.
  • That when you publish an auction Sello will decrease the quantity on the product. This is to reserve the stock for that auction. Why we want to reserve the stock for the auctions is so you do not oversell before the auction end.
  • If you don’t make any changes in the outbox prior to publishing the product will be published as a fixed price ad by default.