Process customer order – Creating shipping documents

Booking shipments directly in Sello can be made a possibility with one of these two integrations: Unifaun Online (multiple carriers) or Pacsoft Online (PostNord only)

  • A guide on how to connect to Unifaun Online can be found here.
  • A guide on how to connect to Pacsoft Online can be found here.

When you have gotten an account and bought either of the above mentioned addons, you can create shipping documents in Sello.

Here is how:

  1. Log into Sello.
  2. Go to: “Orders”
  3. Select the orders you would like to create shipping documents for.
  4. Click: “Shipping documents”.
  5. Select the carrier of your choosing.
  6. Input your orders weight, whether you want notifications or not etc.
  7. Click: “+Create”.

When there is a successful booking you will get a button in Sello that says “Download Documents”, if you click that button you will open the bundle PDF file for your shipping documents.

Sello offers several different integrations that can help you with booking shipments, one of these is the Unifaun Online integration. We have worked hard to optimize this and to make it as good as possible to help with the workload that comes with delivering orders. This Unifaun Online connection has several features that makes managing shipments easier.

Some of the upsides to using our Unifaun Online integration:

  • Shipping documents are created in Sello in different formats.
  • Ship with a large number of carriers.
  • Tracking numbers are added to your orders automatically.
  • Created shipping documents are bundled together that can be printed all at once.
  • You can book shipping for up to 250 orders simultaneously.