Managing orders

Sello’s order page is built for efficient workflow and we have tried to make it easy for you to manage orders in bulk. We have added the tools we think you need to deliver your orders across multiple channels.

We want you to be able to administer everything about your orders directly from Sello, from packing the order to shipping it to the customer. So you do not need to go anywhere else to manage orders, it can all be done on the order page in Sello.

Some key features for managing orders are:

  • Create delivery notes (PDF)
  • Create receipts (PDF)
  • Create shipping documents (Unifaun, Pacsoft or DHL)
  • Add tracking numbers
  • Create address labels (A4)
  • Create picking list.
  • Create accounting documents (XLSX)
  • Send emails to customers.
  • Change order status.

The following help pages will explain the different steps and tools that you can use in Sello for processing customer orders.