Information about Unifaun Online

We offer a powerful connection to Unifaun Online. We are also authorized Unifaun resellers which in turn makes it more profitable for you if you want to purchase the order connection through us. We also offer connections to Pacsoft Online and DHL Multishipping (Memnon / Apport) which are also run by Unifaun.
These integrations are differ a bit from one to the other and one of the major differences between Unifaun Online and the other integrations is the number of carriers supported (you can choose between over a hundred carriers via the Unifaun Online connection). One of the advantages with the Unifaun Online connection is unlike the other integrations you don’t have to manually manage the shipping documents and tracking numbers because the documents are generated directly in Sello and the tracking number is automatically added to your order. This lets you manage your orders much more efficiently.

Since we are resellers, we can offer you a 500kr discount if you buy it directly from us. If you order it through us:

Startup fee: 2000 SEK
Order connection: 2000 SEK

As stated above, the Unifaun Online connection has many upsides compared to the other integrations. Unifaun will however charge you a monthly fee for the connection. They don’t do this for the Pacsoft Online or DHL Multishipping connections. You will however need the order connection addon (plus the startup fee) if you are going to use Pacsoft Online with Sello. The DHL Multishipping (Memnon) connection also has a annual fee.

To reiterate:
The advantages to choosing the Unifaun Online connection is that you can book shipping directly in Sello using any of the over a hundred carriers currently supported by Unifaun Online. This means your selection is far greater that with any of the other integrations. The connection also offers a more advanced solution overall which lets you, for example, create shipping documents directly in Sello and add a tracking number automatically to your order. You will essentially cut the time you spend on booking shipments and managing shipping overall in half.

Contact us at: support@sello.io if you want more information.