How to use the Optimize feature in Sello

On this help page we will show you how to use the “Optimize” feature in Sello.


This feature can help you stay up-to-date on what needs to be purchased, how much and also which products have not sold well.

On the Optimize page, you’ll see two tabs: “Purchase” and “Products with low performance”.

Purchase: Here you will be able to see products that will need to have their stock refilled, we also suggest an amount to be purchased.

Products with low performance: On this page, we will display the products that have the lowest amount sold in the last three months. We also give suggestions on actions that can be taken to improve sales.


This feature is a function that calculates the amount that needs to be purchased for each of the products and also how long the current stock will last, all based on sales in the last couple of months.

Under the text “Show products that need to be purchased to last until:” there is a list, when clicked, a calendar will pop up, depending on what date is chosen here, Sello will display the products that we predict will need to have their stocks refilled. We calculate this based on the amount sold over time.

If a date is picked a month in the future, for example, we will show all products predicted to run out of stock until then, we also give advice on how many of each product should be purchased based on sales.

You can then easily select products in the list and add them to an already existing purchase order or choose to create a new one.

If you have added a supplier under the “Details” tab in the inventory, this information will show up in the “Supplier” column, you can then easily select the products with the same supplier and create a purchase order based on this.

Here is how:

  • Log into Sello.
  • Go to: “Optimize”.
  • Choose a date that the products should last until.
  • Select the products that you would like to add.
  • Click: “Add To Purchase Order”.

A window will pop up where you can choose a purchase order to add the products into.

If a purchase order for the desired supplier hasn’t been created, you can do so by clicking “+Create new”.

If the supplier that you would like to order from hasn’t been created, click “+Create new”.

When the purchase order has been created:

When the purchase order has been created you can find it in “Purchase order” in the top toolbar in Sello.

Here you can, among other things, change the orders status, download an Excel file containing the order that you can then send to your supplier.

Products with low performance:

On this page, we will display products that have poor sales compared to other products. We calculate this by taking several factors into consideration and based on this we give the product a sort of rating, if this rating is below a certain value, it will be shown here.

In this list you will, among other things, be able to see when a product was sold last (if it was ever sold) and what actions can be taken to increase its sales.

These suggestions will vary but can be an increase in price or to put the product up for sale on more channels and so on.

There is also a button that will take you directly to the product in the inventory so that you can easily make any changes to increase its overall saleability.