How to install the Klarna Checkout module on Prestashop

In this guide we will take a look at using Klarna as a payment option i Prestashop.

To be able to use Klarna Checkout or Klarna KPM in Prestashop we recommend that you install the official Klarna module that is available for download here.

If you haven’t used Klarna Checkout before you will need to contact Klarna in order for them to validate your webshop and to add you to their list of approved sellers.

You can get in touch with Klarna here: integration@klarna.com

To make their job a bit easier you can activate Klarna Checkout in your Prestashop, put the module in “Testdrive” and use Klarnas test credentials.

Here is how:

  1. Log into your Prestashop admin page.
  2. Go to: Modules–> Modules.
  3. Search for the Klarna module.
  4. Click: “Configure”.
  5. Inside the module settings, choose “Yes” for “Activate KCO in this shop”
  6. Click: “Save”
  7. In the left menu, click: “Sweden”
  8. Input the following: EID = 200, Shared Sercret = test (see image)
  9. Click: “Save”
  10. Click the “Common Settings” -tab.
  11. Choose “Yes” for “Testdrive”
  12. Click: “Save”

Klarna is now active on your Prestashop in “Testdrive” mode, meaning, you can now place test orders on your Prestashop using special test credentials. You can find the test credentials herehttps://developers.klarna.com/en/se/kco-v2/test-credentials

When your webshop has been approved by Klarna and they have placed a succesful test purchase you are now free to use your real Klarna credentials, meaning, your real EID number and your real Shared Secret. You also need to take your Klarna module off “Testdrive” in order to receive real purchases.