How to find your invoices in Sello

Sello creates an invoice and will send it to you the first day of every month, we will send it to you by email. Every time a new invoice is created it will also be stored in Sello so that it can easily be viewed through the Sello user interface. You can also download an Excel file containing your invoice’s details. In this file you can see what we’ve charged you for, exact commission fees per order and more.

Here is how to find your invoice:

  1. Log into Sello.
  2. In the top right corner, click your email.
  3. Click: “Invoices”.

On this page you can view your invoice or see its details. The arrow labeled with number one in the image on the bottom of this page shows you where you need to click to view your invoice’s details. Number two indicates where you need to click to view your invoice.

If you choose to download the invoice details a file will be saved to your computer in XLSX format.