How to create products in Sello

On this help page, we will list the different ways you can create products in Sello, there are a couple of options available and which one you use is up to you.

You can create products manually in Sello’s inventory or you can use a spreadsheet of your choice to create a file containing your products which you can then upload to Sello.
The filetypes you can upload are either .xlsx or .csv.

Below you will find links to help pages that describe how to create products in detail.

Good to know:

  • Try to be as detailed as possible when creating your products, what information your products need to have varies from marketplace to marketplace but it pays to be thorough.
  • You can also create products in Sello automatically by utilizing a feed such as a Google Shopping feed or our own internal feed system.
  • We also have unique import options for those of you who already have products created in systems like Tradera, Fyndiq or WooCommerce.