How to create a Prestashop in Sello

In this guide, we will go through what to do if you want to have your own Prestashop created for you.

This system is great fo those of you who want to really put time and effort into creating a truly great webshop. Prestashop is a well-known platform that is both powerful and universal. Sello has been integrated with Prestashop since 2014 which has given us deep insights into the inner workings of this system and its API, resulting in a connection between Sello and Prestashop that is both stable, and powerful. You can read more about the system here.

If you want to have a Prestashop installed and connected to your Sello account you need to send us an email to containing the name of your shop, once we have gotten this, we will create the shop for you.

Sello will give you a domain name that will look something like this: “”.

You get to choose whether you want to keep this or use a domain nameof your own choosing. If you choose to user your own domain name, the purchase and hosting of said domain name is up to you, but we will gladly help you point it to your shop.

We can also help you with installing a SSL certificate if you want.

When the webshop is installed, we will handle the connection itself, server maintenance and storage. Shop content is managed by you.