Getting started on Allegro

On this help page, we will go over what you need to do to get started on Allegro. We will also share some useful tips and tricks that can be of great help when getting started selling there.

There are a couple of obvious steps that need to be taken care of such as, registering for a seller account on Allegro, connecting the account to Sello and so on.

Read more about that here.

You’ll also need to add your own terms and conditions for your Allegro account, read more here.

The main obstacle to overcome is that is in Polish, luckily, most browsers have an integrated translation tool that can easily translate an entire page in just a couple of clicks.

Using the Chrome browser:

  • Right-click anywhere on the page
  • Choose the “Translate” option.

This will translate the page you’re currently on, this can be a great help when traversing the site.

What language the site is translated to depends on your personal settings.

Another obstacle to overcome is product texts, again, a good translation tool is a great option to make use of.

If you need help with translating your texts, contact us and we will assist you.

Currency is also something that needs to be addressed.

If you use the automatic pricing feature in Sello, this won’t be an issue since it automatically converts prices into relevant currencies if used.

If you don’t use this feature, you can either turn this feature on or convert the prices using a third party service.

When it comes to product data, the following is required:

  • Category
  • Texts in Polish
  • Product properties (depending on category)

Good to know:

  • You can use the Excel or CSV import feature to update your products with the new Allegro prices, this can save you time since using this feature gives you the ability to update a large number of products simultaneously.