Different ways to sell on Tradera

To register an account and start selling on Tradera is entirely free, there are a couple of ways to do that however: Private, Business or Store. The Tradera store does however come with a monthly fee. In this help page, we will go over the different ways to sell on Tradera.

  • Private regular or Business regular

This form of Tradera is free, you get it automatically when you create an account with them. Tradera will charge you a commission fee based on your sales and you can only sell using auctions (3-14 days) or via buy-now ads (30 days). You can post a maximum of 5 ads per product and the ad will be live for a maximum of 30 days.

  • Tradera store

Tradera store is a way of selling that gives you the option of not only selling using the regular formats (auction and buynow) but also selling products using quantity, which means you can sell more than one at a time. There is also no time limit for how long the ad will be active on Tradera. This is the same format as Fyndiq and CDON use on their respective platforms. To get a Tradera store you will have to apply at Tradera.

For more information, go to Tradera’s homepage.