Customize email templates

In this guide we will explain how you can customize your email templates that is used for sending emails to customers from the order page.

Here is how to create or edit an email template:

  1. Login to Sello.
  2. Go to the page: “Settings”.
  3. In the left menu, click: “Mail templates”.
  4. Either create a new or edit a pre-existing template.

There are variables that you can use to add different order information to your templates. A variable is a code word that will be replaced with actual data once the mail is sent. All variables starts with an exclamation mark (!) and must be written exactly as listed in the Sello settings. This is useful for making the email feel personal but also to include important information about the order.

You can make pretty advanced HTML structured emails if you would like. Just use the “code view” button in the text editor and structure your HTML code in the email template text.

You can use different settings for you email template. We recommend using the feature that allows you to change the status of the order when sending the email to the customer. For example if the email is regarding that you have shipped the order out to the customer you might want to change the status on the order to “Delivered” at the same time.