Create or edit an order status

On this help page, we will show you how to create and edit an order status in Sello.

To create new order statuses or edit already existing ones you will need to go to the settings page in Sello. It is very important that you order statuses have the correct settings.

For example, an order status that sets an order as “Delivered” always needs to have the setting/property for: “Order is delivered and paid”.

Here is how to create or edit already existing statuses:

  1. Log into Sello.
  2. Go to: “Settings”.
  3. Click: “Order statuses”.
  4. Choose to create a new status or edit an old one.
  5. You can change name, property, and color.
  6. Click: “Save”.

Good to know:

  • Before deleting an order status consider that you might have orders connected to it, if you have used it on any past orders it this is probably the case. You also might have your marketplace/webshop integration connected to one of the statuses since an integration needs to know what status it should import your new orders on. You can change this if you need to.