Activate a product on marketplace or webshop

On this help page, we will show you how to activate a product on a marketplace or webshop, this will create the product on the channel and make it available for purchase.

Sello will not put your products up for sale automatically, you need to specify where you want them to be sold. You have total control in this matter, this is one of the reasons Sello is so universal.

You should have an activation status button on every product for every channel that your Sello account is connected to. If your product is not active it will say “Inactive” in grey. If your product is active it will say “Active” in green. If you click on these indications it will change status. If your product is out of stock it will say so in the column.

Detailed steps:

  1. Log into Sello.
  2. Go to: “Inventory”.
  3. Find your products.
  4. You will see one column per channel, here you can see if the item is active, inactive or out of stock.
  5. Click: “Activate” to put your item up for sale.

If you want to deactivate an item that is active on a channel, simply press “Deactivate”.

Good to know:

  • Your product will then be created on the marketplace or channel if it is not already created there. Remember this might take a while for certain marketplaces.
  • If you do not see all your channels that you have connected Sello to in the inventory list you will need to activate the column for that channel.
  • There are many ways of activating products to your channels, you can import an Excel or CSV file to update your products and activate them. Or you can Bulk edit this, this is good if you need to activate lots of products at the same time.