Product Activation

With Sello you have full control over your product distribution for your sale channels on a product level. Simply select which products you want to sell on the marketplace by activating them for the marketplace.
Take control of your product listings by selecting which product you want to list for each marketplace. You can choose to sell all your products on the marketplace or only sell a selected few on the marketplace. By activating the product in Sello, you will send the product to the marketplace to be published. 
When you add a new marketplace you can start by listing a few of your products by activating them one at a time, or you can list all your products by activating them all. 
To activate a product means to send the product to the marketplace for publication. To be able to list your products on the marketplace you will need to be approved as a seller on the marketplace. Once you have a seller account on the marketplaces, you can connect it to your Sello account and publish your products listings through Sello. 
Register for a seller account on the marketplaces and connect the marketplace in Sello. You can use Sello to connect to several marketplaces and you can connect to as many marketplaces as you want, we have no limit and no hidden fees. Read more about our current marketplace connections here.
  1. Login to your Sello account
  2. Go to your Inventory
  3. Select the product you want to activate and press Edit
  4. Press on the Marketplace you want your product to be active on and the box will turn green
  5. Save the product
  6. The product will be sent to the marketplace for publication
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