This is a tutorial for API v3 which is our old API.
First you will need a Sello account if you don’t already have one, this is a requirement since you will need to create API-keys with which to connect to Sellos API, this can only be done with a Sello account.

Here is how:

  1. Log into Sello.
  2. Go to: Settings -> Developers -> API.
  3. Click: ”+Create New”.

An API-Key and token will be created on your account which you can use. This will work with both API v3 and v5, the verification process may vary however.

Now that you have your keys you can start using the API.

You can test your API keys by making a simple cURL to get the latest 100 orders that are not delivered or removed.


curl -X GET -H “Key:<insert key here>” -H “Token:<insert token here>” https://api.sello.io/v3/order

Example 2:

curl -X GET https://api.sello.io/v3/order?key=<insert key here>&token=<insert token kere>

Example 3:

curl -X GET https://<insert token here>:<insert key here>@api.sello.io/v3/order

All data sent or recieved to or from will be formatted as JSON which is one of the simplest and universal formats used today which in turn will make implementing your system to Sello easier.