The Sello API can be used to communicate between your system and Sello. Our API is the most advanced way to integrate your system with Sello and it’s also the most versatile way. All info you have about a product, orders, settings is possible to fetch through the API. If you are searching for a easier way to integrate your system to Sello maybe you want to look at the Product feed or Webhook.

Our API, Product feed and Webhook only use JSON data and nothing else.

Documentation API v5 (2017)

Create API keys in Sello

Remember that if you give your API-keys to someone they will have full access to your Sello account, they will be able to fetch information and change information about products, orders and settings on your account.

To be able to use the Sello API you need to create API keys in Sello for you Sello account.

Here is how:

  1. Log into Sello.
  2. Go to: Settings -> Developers -> API
  3. Click: Create new

The same key and token can be used for both API v3 and API v5 in Sello. The only difference is how you authenticate yourself when connecting to the API.