vidaXL is a company based in the Netherlands with 10+ years of experience in cross-border e-commerce. They have over 1400 employees in 8 offices worldwide and have an alledged 20 to 25 % increase in turnover annually. Back in 2017 vidaXL opened up their own marketplace letting third-party sellers reach over 3,5 million yearly buyers.

The most prevalent category on vidaXL’s marketplace is home and garden, but you can market products in almost any category. vidaXL caters to a broad target audience and with them, you can reach customers in Australia, the United States as well as 27 countries in Europe. vidaXL reportedly receive over 100.000 orders every week.

“Sello is an aggregator that assists vidaXL’s Marketplace sellers in managing their inventory and orders. Their support and fast-response to general changes are ideal for sellers who want to expand their business“ – vidaXL (Vida XL International B.V 2019)