Fyndiq was founded back in 2009 with the intent of becoming the online version of the Swedish superstore “Ullared”. Today, they have over 1,700 connected merchants and over 2 million unique monthly visitors. Since 2012, Fyndiq has experienced a consistent growth rate with a reported 50 percent increase in turnover every year.

Products for sale on Fyndiq are listed with Fyndiq as its seller, meaning Fyndiq takes care of all sales and payments, as well as general customer support. This also means that you are completely anonymous as a seller, giving you time to focus on sales.

Create account: www.fyndiq.se/merchant/
“In the modern e-commerce industry, using marketplaces as sales channels has become more or less standard. To be able to manage this in an efficient way, you will need a platform meeting all things the marketplace requires of you as a merchant. Fyndiq and Sello have been long-time partners, and we can see that Sello always delivers on both ours and the merchant’s expectations.” – Fredrik Norberg (2019), Co-founder & CEO (Fyndiq AB)
“Sello was one of the first platforms to integrate with Fyndiq and it was through Sello we first noticed how important it is with seamless integrations to continuously manage large volumes of sales. It is easy to recommend Sello because we know that there is a genuine interest to offer a product where the user is 100 percent in focus, just like on Fyndiq“ – Dinesh Nayar (2015), CEO (Fyndiq AB)