Coolshop was founded in Denmark back in 2003 and they have been a major player in Danish e-commerce ever since. Back in 2016 Coolshop expanded by starting their own e-commerce marketplace open to third-party sellers that span 7 countries.

Coolshop makes cross-border selling easy, they take care of all currency conversions and can translate your products texts for you as long as you supply them in English. This means that you can market your products using only one currency and texts in one language, reaching buyers in the Nordics, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

“Sello was one of the first aggregators we partnered up with when launching Coolshop Marketplace.
We appreciate the close partnership, the good dialogue and the fast reaction to general changes and improvements.” – Lena Overgaard (2019), Marketplace Key Account Manager (Coolshop / Entertainment Trading ApS)