Amazon was founded in 1994 and was operating out of a small garage in its early days. Initially, Amazon sold books only but after a few years started to branch out. Today Amazon is the biggest and most recognized e-commerce marketplace in the world with an estimated 600.000 employees, with 100.000 of them being robots.

With Amazon, you can market your products in 13 regions worldwide with countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Canada having their own dedicated marketplaces. And the list of regions keeps growing ever bigger.

With Sello you can reach these Amazon countries

Latest news about Amazon Sweden

Update November 4th

Amazon Sweden is Live! Connect to Amazon Sweden from Sello by following the steps in this guide. Start by registering a seller account for Amazon. If you already own an Amazon EU account there is no need to create a separate SE account, contact the Amazon Support and they will help open Amazon Sweden on your EU account.

To list products on Amazon Sweden the products have to fulfil product requirements. You can read about the product requirements for Amazon here. Contact us at if you have any questions about selling on Amazon with Sello!

Get started on Amazon with Sello

With Sello you’ll reach all Amazon marketplaces, including Amazon Sweden.

There are two main ways to integrate with Amazon via Sello, a direct integration with Sello or a plugin-based integration.

A direct integration with Sello means we import your inventory and you then work using Sello as your main platform giving you seamless synchronization between Sello and your previous system and you’ll take care of all inventory and order processing here.

A plugin-based integration means you utilize one of our plugins to connect to Amazon with Sello as a bridge in between. You’ll keep working in your own system and we’ll take care of all communication between platforms.

Whichever set-up you might choose, we will always make sure product and order data is communicated seamlessly between your system and Amazon.

We also offer a range of import-options when it comes to products. Among these, you’ll find feed-based imports such as Google Shopping and our own adaptive FeedConnector. You’ll also find marketplace-specific import from channels such as Prestashop, Amazon, Wish, Allegro and eBay as well as file-based imports using either .xlsx or .csv formats.

This means that you can import your inventory and get started using Sello with just a couple of clicks.

Integration to Sello via plugin

With one of these integrations indirectly connected to Sello, you’ll continue to work in your own system which means you keep your routines when it comes to order and inventory.

Integration directly to Sello

With one of these integrations you can connect to Sello directly. This means Sello will be your main system for order and inventory work.

Good to know

Amazons product requirements

  • Products need EAN
  • Products need manufacturer
  • Images need white backgrounds
  • Some categories require additional attributes
  • Keep text formatting to a minimum

These requirements are easily met using Sello’s powerful inventory tools where you can update products in bulk, both using built-in features and file-based import features using both .xlsx and .csv formats.

Other information

Every ad on Amazon gets an ASIN-number which is stored in Amazon’s catalog. When a product is put up for sale, Amazon will look through its catalog, and should the EAN of the product in question be found there, the product will be tied to the ASIN found. This means that your product might already have been put up for sale by another seller using his or her own information, images, and more. At this point, you are in competition over who has the lowest price and the so-called “Buy Box”