Let’s Deal

With a connection to Let's Deal, you can reach 1.8 million customers and you do not have to pay anything until you actually sell something.
A marketplace filled with deals

Let’s Deal is a well-known marketplace that exists in both Sweden and Norway. Let’s Deal was founded by Lars Karlsson and Alexander Hars and is today owned by the Norwegian media company Schibsted. They share similarities with the marketplace Groupon since they also offer market discounts on local experiences, travel destinations, concerts and more.
Let’s Deal also offers discounted items, which gives sellers the chance to offer sale products and bargains on their marketplace.

Who may sell at Let’s Deal?

Whether you are a large or small seller, e-retailer or wholesaler, Swedish or international seller, you can sell on Let’s Deal. Their ambition is to have a large & fun selection and to offer their members great deals.

Let’s Deal is looking for sellers with a wide range and unique products. Right now they are looking for sellers in the following areas:

  • Home & Garden
  • Entertainment
  • Children
  • Health and Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Electronics

  • Why should I sell at Let’s Deal?

    Let’s Deal creates campaigns and you as a merchant have the opportunity to reach 1.8 million customers via e-mail, apps and their website, i.e. they handle all the marketing! You will thus get maximum exposure in a very short time. Another valuable thing is that you don’t have to pay for the marketing, you only pay when customers buy from you. So the worst that can happen is that you get free marketing.
    Your business and Let’s Deal will thus work together as a team, if you win, they win!
    A major advantage of Let’s Deal is that they allow multi-variant groups, ie. you can have both color, size and model on the same group.

    How do you succeed with your sales at Let’s Deal?

    Something that is essential is the product description, as well as the pictures of the product. The pictures should be clear and inspiring. Let’s deals’ tone of voice should be light and cheerful, selling but concrete, floating & inspiring. A tip is to really think through why someone would want to buy your product. Why would this particular product suit your target audience? What does it have that other products don’t have? That is, what makes it stand out? – Let’s Deal wants you to describe the product in a way that creates a need for the customer.

    The picture below shows a typical ad on Let’s Deal, the picture also shows where to fill in all the different fields inside Sello.

    How does the integration work?

    When the product is created for the first time, Sello sends all product data to Let’s Deal. Sello stores the product information in a database where Let’s Deal can retrieve more product information, such as attributes. When something is changed on the product in Sello, the product will be updated in the database and Sello will automatically send the new information to Let’s Deal.
    Lets Deal retrieves the pictures and texts afterwards.

    As the attributes are retrieved by Let’s Deal afterwards, Let’s Deal can refine which attributes are to be displayed on the website.
    You can apply for a merchant account on Let’s Deal here.

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