Improve your Fyndiq sales

A good product listing is the key to great sales. Read our tips to improving your sales on the marketplace Fyndiq.

Optimize your products for Fyndiq

Who doesn’t want to improve their Fyndiq sales? Many factors influence the position of the product in the sales statistics and in this article we will list some of the most important. Read and take action to succeed with your Fyndiq sales!

Best structure of product texts

Well-written texts are necessary on marketplaces (even thought there are a few marketplaces were texts are less important, read our other marketplaces articles) and Fyndiq emphasise in their seller guides that good product texts will result in better expose. Fyndiq suggests using the structure “Brand + Product type + Appearance” for a product title. Once the customer has found your product, the product description can make or break if the product is bought or not. The product description should highlight the best features of the product, how it can be used and feel free to add a text to promote a positive feeling for the product aimed towards your target group. Pure product information like measurements and material should also be found in the product description.

Assign a Brand to the products

On a Fyndiq listing the product brand is displayed clearly and customers can easily select to display more of the same brand. Always make sure to assign a brand to your products as it greatly increases the chances of customers finding your products on more than one location.

Assign attributes for increased visibility

All extra visibility you can give your products is good for business. In Fyndiq customers are able to filter their product selection by attributes like color, size, material and many other. Only products that have an attribute value assigned will be displayed when the filter is applied and therefore it is extra crucial to enter an attribute value. If the product is not found by the customer, even if the color is matching the filter applied, the sale is lost.

Depending on the product category, different attributes will be recommended to assign. Read more about assigning attributes to product for Fyndiq.

Use high-quality images

As with all marketplaces images are always important. For Fyndiq an main image with white background and high resolution is recommended, with no texts and watermarks. Add images to display the product in more angels.

Review your products regularly

When you are done implementing these tips, check your Fyndiq listing. Is it complete and persuasive? Is the amount of text suitable and descriptive enough and can you find your listing using key words? Make sure to regularly review your listings and adjust them accordingly. Use Sello’s sales statistics features to analyse what works best on your products!

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