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Tradera is one of the largest marketplaces in Sweden with over 2 million members (2015). On Tradera there are about a million items for sale and it has over 1 million unique visitors – every week. On Tradera a mixture of both new and used items are sold, through both auctions and at fixed prices. This gives traders the option of selling their full inventory or work with campaigns to sell off excess stock for example. The best sellers combines the two. With Sello, you can sell on Tradera as an individual or a business, on a regular Tradera account (auctions) or a Tradera store.

“Selling on Tradera should be easy for everyone. Sello makes it easy for our sellers, large and small, to manage ads and orders in volume! “- Stefan Öberg, CEO Tradera Sweden AB (December 2015)

Why Sello?

Read more about Tradera here: http://info.tradera.com

Or contact them on: butik@tradera.com