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Fyndiq was founded in 2009 with the vision to be Ullared online. Today, they have over 1,500 affiliated shops, they have certainly succeeded! Here you can find buyers everything between heaven and earth at great prices. For sellers, it is a fantastic place to boost their sales. Do you have good products at good prices are Fyndiq market place for you. Here you are as a trader anonymous when Fyndiq the seller. Fyndiq also responsible for support, which makes them an ideal marketplace for both large traders who want to get the volumes to smaller traders who want to add time on sales and nothing else.

“Sello was one of the first platforms to integrate to Fyndiq and it was by Sello we first noticed how important it is with seamless integrations to continuously manage large volumes of sales. It is easy to recommend Sello because we know that there is a genuine interest to offer a product where the user is in 100 procent focus, just like on Fyndiq. “- Dinesh Nayar, CEO Fyndiq (November 2015).

Why Sello?

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