Sell everything everywhere


Amazon is according to many the world’s largest e-commerce. With over 150 000 employees and 270 million active customers, we understand why (!!). Amazon has so amazing many buyers that everything is going to sell. Unlike several other market places that are niche at the low price Amazon is rather niche against everything and everyone. With Sello you risk nothing to try to sell on Amazon, if you sell nothing it costs nothing.

Sello is integrated with Amazon and you can easily select which items you want to publish on Amazon. With Sello and Amazon can reach all of Europe when Sello to publish your products on all of Amazon’s European sites, namely the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

We have smart features to make it easier for you to post your products on Amazon. We EAN search function to help you fill in the correct information about your products to Amazon to endorse products and more. We validate your products to the different Amazon categories and warns you if you have missed certain criteria for certain Amazon product categories which are mandatory.

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