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Order import

Sello reads your orders from the online shop and marketplace with more than 15 minutes so your stock levels always keeps the correct date on your marketplaces. With SelloShop to load orders directly when created in the webshop.


Synchronization to the marketplaces

Sello syncs any changes you make with your orders to marketplaces, insert orders delivered in Sello, we do the same thing on your marketplaces. You manage your orders in one place – in Sello.


Communicate with customers

You can email customers directly through Sello order list. You can 1) e-mail all customers in a certain order status, 2) Send all selected customers, or 3) Send a single client at a time.


Create email templates

You can create custom email templates to facilitate communication with your customers, you can customize them yourself with simple keyboard shortcuts to add order details such as tracking number, customer data, payment data and other order information. You can attach PDF receipt and set the status of an order to get the Sello sent out by mail.


Order Status

Create custom order status Sello, you then set the orderinläsningen for each market the status of a new order should be read into that. You can customize and structure your orders with different statuses you create to have the track record of the order process.


Picking List & Collective picking list

Mark up to 250 orders and generate pick list or overall pick list with two button to easily pack your orders before delivery.



You can easily create a personal receipt in Sello, upload your own logo and add your own information on the receipt. You can easily generate your receipt with two key press for up to 250 orders and receipt is saved to your computer in PDF format.


Delivery note CDON & Fyndiq

With two button, you can create Fyndiq- and CDON’s special delivery note of up to 250 orders at once. Follow banknotes are collected in a PDF file by marketplace and loaded directly onto your computer so you can print and attach the delivery.


Address Labels

Create mailing labels of up to 250 orders with just three clicks. Sello creates a PDF file that opens in your browser that you can print. Customize your labels to suit your printer.


Bookkeeping / Accounting

With just two button, you can create detailed accounting documents in XLSX format, which you can open in Excel or similar software. In the financial statement radar we set up all the sales, the market it sold and any other details you need to post your sale.


Create your own orders

Besides Sello reads all your orders from existing sales channels (marketplaces + webshops), you can create your own order in Sello. You may have sold something outside your marketplace or web shop so you might want to add to the sale of Sello so you can get to it in the records or statistics, which fits in well to create your own orders.


Create Shipping Labels

With Sello, you can create shipping labels for Post and DHL Multishipping. You mark your orders in Sello and click “Create Shipping Labels”, then set the desired way to send the package and export it to Pacsoft or DHL Multi Shipping.


Create products

You can easily create new products in the Sello and customize your products for your markets. You can customize them to have different information, images and pricing in different markets. You can enter the property world, SEO information, EAN numbers, own name and reference, weight, volume, purchase price and more.


Import products

You can import products to Sello in several ways. You can: 1) Import active and completed items from Tradera, 2) Import from PLZIP file (ProLister), 3) Import your products from Fyndiq, 4) Import your products from WooCommerce, 5) Import products from a CSV file ( Excel).


Update products

You can import a CSV file (Excel) to Sello to update your already created products Sello. You can then make changes to your products in Excel since imporeterar the changes directly to the Sello by matching the item number or your own reference.



Create folders in the Sello to structure your products neatly in the inventory.


Change Selected

One of Sello’s most powerful features for product management is that you can mark up to 100 products and make changes to all products with just a few clicks. You can 2) change everything on a product when “Bulk Changes”, 2) enable the products in a marketplace or why not 3) change the category of the products and much more. Very good tool that saves huge time.


Tradera Auctions

Create auctions and fixed-price ads (30 days) on Tradera with just a few simple clicks. You can schedule auctions to be published months in advance or publish them directly on Tradera. You can determine the amount of time between the auctions should be organized with and much more.


Product Groups

You can easily create product groups (product variations) Sello with a few simple clicks. You create a single product per variant and then you group the products into a single product. You can then have different information, images and more for each variety.


Fast Edit

You can activate the “quick change” in the stock list to change the information on your products directly in the list without having to click here to go to each individual product. Perfect when you want to save time when you make a few minor changes to your products.


Export your products

You can touch of a button to export your products from your inventory to a CSV file (Excel). This CSV file can then be used if you want to make changes, and then import the Sello and update your products. It can also be a good tool to analyze their sales in Excel.


Copy products

You can easily select products and copy them in Sello, perfect for when you are making similar products in the Sello or create variations of a product. You can set whether you want the images to be copied or not. You can copy from one product up to 100 products at a time.


Filter products

Filterera products is a kind of advanced search feature that makes it easier for you to do different searches in your inventory to find the right products you are looking for. Very useful tool in order to analyze their sales or find a specific product of a given criterion.


Select columns

You can easily disable and enable the columns you want displayed in the table for your products in your inventory. Very useful when you want to see what prices your products is outsourced to different market places and more. Very useful analytical tool for your sales.


Active products

You’ll see a box with statistics of how many products you have active on your marketplaces and posted on auctions. So you can easily see that everything is correct.


Change product

There you have very powerful customization opportunity that not many platforms, you can specify specific images, texts, prices, etc. for each marketplace. You can enter additional information about your products to facilitate handling such as EAN number, weight, volume, reference, store location, product notes, and more.


Manufacturer & Brand

You can easily Sello create a list of different manufacturers and product brand that you can then share your products. This will be synced to different market places such Fyndiq, CDON and Amazon. Tradera have the current situation does not support this, as soon Tradera build this so it will be possible from the Sello.


Search product

We have a powerful but easy product search to find their products in Sello.


Activate product

It is very easy to activate their product Sello in the marketplaces they are connected to. All you need to do to create ad on Tradera, Fyndiq, CDON, Amazon, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, SelloShop is that you click the enable button in the layer list. You have a button by marketplace. When you click on the added product out, you want to pick the product you doing the same thing.


Publication date determined

You can set up exactly to the minute when an auction will be published on Tradera, and thus terminated. You can also set your auction to be organized on Sunday at 21:05 and will be a 7-day auction that ends on Sunday, exactly one week later.


Publication interval

When you have multiple products in the outbox, you can set the interval at which the auction will be published. Often you want to that they are published at intervals so everyone does not finish the minute on Tradera. Setting from 1 to 60 minute intervals.


Auction type and length

You simply decide what type of auction or fixed-price ad (30 days) that you will create in your products in the outbox, you can also set the length of your auction will have anywhere between 3 to 14 days auctions Tradera.


Changing individual auction

You can easily choose to change the individual auction prior to publication. You can have a price for the product in Sello, but you may want to outsource the auction at the starting price 1kr. This simple change in the publication.


Release calendar

With the tool release calendar keep you eye on your publications on Tradera, you see when they start and end. You can cancel the ongoing auctions or you have planned to add up. You have links to the ad on Tradera and to which product Sello is.


Stock Value List

With the push of a button you can export a stock value list from Sello over your inventory in Excel file (.xlsx). We compile with all your products, part number, reference (SKU), inventory location, purchase price, stock inventory and a calculation of your stock value from it. Quick and easy.


Multiple marketplace integrations

Sello is unique in that you can relax your Sellokonto how many exchanges you want, as long as we support them. You can thus be linked as: 4 Fyndiq accounts, 5 CDON accounts, 6 Tradera accounts and have 10 web shops simultaneously. Many customers choose us because of this. You can then add a product in your store at all market places simultaneously. Availability is updated in all channels where after you sell. All your orders are collected naturally in one place.