Frequently Asked Questions

Intermediate Merchant Questions

Is using Sello to sell on Fruugo really free?

Yes – Sello and Fruugo have come to an agreement in which using the Sello platform or any of the Sello apps (ChannelConnector) to sell on Fruugo is entirely free. Sello provides technical support and will help onboard your products on Fruugo. Fruugo will cover the costs of all sellers that use Sello with Fruugo.

Can I manage my inventory data and ship my orders using Sello?

Yes – Our system is built with an emphasis on both inventory and order management. We have features and tools that are designed to help you every step of the way,  from creating purchase orders and readying products, all the way to importing your orders and booking shipments.

I Sello available in all countries?

Yes, it is  – We do not have any restrictions based on our customers’ geographic location. With that said Sello is adapted mainly to the European e-commerce market – This is because Sello was founded in Sweden and we spent our first couple of years focusing on the Nordic market. However, we are now trying to conquer new ground and make our applications and services more attractive to sellers all around the world.

How often does Sello import new orders from my sales channels?

Sello usually imports orders every 10 minutes – We scan the sales channels for new orders and if one is found we will import it to your Sello account. If you are using any of the ChannelConnector apps with your webshop, Sello will send the new order to your webshop system.

Can I import my products products to Sello?

Yes you can – You can use one of our numerous import features to create products in Sello. These include XLSX (Excel) and CSV imports, a Google Shopping feed import and several dedicated marketplace imports from channels such as Tradera, Fyndiq, eBay and Amazon.

Is Sello really free of charge if I do not succeed?

You got it – Our business model is a bit unconventional. This is because we want to make starting to use our services a safe and risk-free experience. We offer all our customers a no-sale-no-cost guarantee, if you do not have any sales in any given month, you do not need to pay.

What is the monthly cost of Sello Premium?

The monthly cost of Sello Premium is 19 EUR + commission on orders (based on order total) processed with the Sello platform. What percentage of commission you land on depends on how much you sell, the evaluation is based on your monthly turnover and the more you sell the less you pay. The maximum order commission is 4% and that is when your monthly turnover is between 1 and 2500 EUR (

Do I need a seller account with the channels I want to sell on?

Yes – While having a Sello account is a good start, you will need a seller account on each individual marketplace you plan on selling on. We recommend utilizing your 14-day trial period to get the seller accounts taken care of.

Advanced Merchant Questions

Can I connect multiple webshops to Sello using ChannelConnector?

Yes and No – You can, but only if you are using WooCommerce. If you are using another system such as Magento, Prestashop or Shopify, only one webshop can be connected.

Can I use Sello to sell on marketplaces only?

Yes that is entirely possible – Sello is built to accommodate all setups, approaches, and workflows. Which means, you decide in what way the platform is used. It is entirely possible to use Sello for marketplace sales only. Connecting your webshop is not a necessity, should you have one that is.

Does Sello offer lower commission rates for large merchants?

Yes, we do – We usually give our sellers the possibility to negotiate for a new commission rate when they reach a monthly turnover of 50 000 EUR ( At this point, we will make you an offer, and should you accept it, that will be your commission rate going forward.

I am already selling on marketplaces, can I still use Sello?

You sure can – Many of our sellers started out selling on one or more marketplaces before choosing to start using Sello in order to save time and increase control over their business. Usually, when sales start to increase, keeping track starts to become time-consuming – What you need is a way to tie everything together, a way to centralize your product and order management – This is where Sello comes in.

Does Sello have any limits on things such as products or connected sales channels?

No – Some e-commerce platforms limit things such as the number of products in your inventory, the number of sales channels you can connect to or how many webshops you can create. Not us! We think you should be free to expand  – At no extra charge.

Can you help me migrate from my current platform to Sello?

Sure thing – Making the change from one system to another can be a huge undertaking. Luckily, we have years of experience doing just this. We have helped countless sellers migrate between different e-commerce platforms and know all about the risks this might involve and which steps to take to ensure a smooth and safe move.